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Increase your Matches with our Tinder Bot

The easiest way to increase the number of matches is to use a Tinder bot. By automatically swiping on Tinder, you increase the number of people who become aware of you, which means you get more matches and therefore more dates. To top it off, you save a lot of time because the auto-swiper takes care of your tasks for you, so you only have to worry about converting your matches into dates.

Auto-Swiper was developed because I was annoyed by the constant swiping to the right, I swiped everyone to the right anyway, and then sorted out the matches later. So I thought I could automate this relatively easy. When I first launched the software and visited Tinder again the next day, I couldn’t believe it. I had over 100 notifications on my phone from Tinder, I couldn’t keep up with messages and matches!

My recommendation is to purchase Tinder Premium, this allows you to swipe unlimited. That way you can get the most out of our Chrome Extension, because that’s the only way you can really swipe through. But beware, you may get a lot of messages and matches, which can take a lot of time. Also the dates can be very time consuming.

Tinder Auto Swiper

Our Tinder Auto Liker automatically swipes to the right for you.
The interval, as well as the percentage probability can be set.
Auto-Swiper interacts like a normal person would.
Do you still belong to the manual wipers? Start Auto Swiping in Tinder

With Tinder Premium and our software you will feel the following changes:

  • More Matches – Increase your matches by ~700%
  • More Dates: Go on 5X more dates (More Matches = More Dates)
  • Save time: Use Tinder only for texting, Auto-Swiper take care of the rest.

Lovoo Auto Swiper

Our Lovoo bot behaves like a human. Random pauses and waits are built in.

Lovoo is the perfect platform for automatic swiping!
Because all people in the radius are displayed repeatedly.
That means you will always be at the top of the matches.
Not infrequently you get messages why you are always at the top: “Must be fate”.

If you have Lovoo Premium, our Lovoo Auto Liker is really worth it!
Convince yourself!

Best countries for Lovoo: Austria, Germany, Switzerland

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Patrick Neumann
Patrick Neumann
Auto-Swiper Lite
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I used to swipe manually and walked around for hours without looking at my phone and swiped right. The software did a lot of the work for me. And now I'm also in a relationship. The software has increased my number of matches tremendously! Thanks for everything!
Auto-Swiper Lite
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Interlogy has not only written a software, through which I got a lot of dates, but also coached me how to approach women on the street. In the meantime, I have a date every day. I like to meet women, but I'm not a relationship person. So for me dating platforms are like a paradise 🙂
Auto-Swiper Lite
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The software works as it should and really increases matches / dates. I can only recommend to people who want more matches / dates.
Auto-Swiper Lite
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Did not know until recently that there is something like that. Was skeptical at first whether that really brings what, but was positively surprised. Use the software now for over 3 months. If there were changes, they were immediately fixed on the same day. Super support & service. 10/10!


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