6 Tinder Tips: How to get more Matches in Tinder

6 easy ways to improve your chances in the world of app-driven dating

On dating platforms like Tinder, Bumble or Lovoo, first impressions count. For you, this means that you can only score points with your profile or appearance. Yes, that is really very superficial. But you have it in your own hand! If you roughly follow our tips you will definitely improve your dating life! Thanks to the following tips, I was able to increase the number of likes per day by an average of 538%.

Then let’s start right away to raise your matches 😉

1. Get more Likes in Tinder quickly? (Secret trick)

Yes, there really is a very simple trick to get lots of likes / matches on Tinder, Lovoo and Bumble instantly. It’s a software, usually a Chrome extension, that you can install on your phone or computer.

There are many providers for this, but there are often qualitative differences. Since you’re here on my blog, I’ll tell you about my Auto Swiper for Tinder, Bumble and Lovoo.

To get the maximum out of the software it is still worthwhile to implement the other points!

A Tinder / Lovoo / Bumble Auto Swiper takes over the annoying swiping right fully automatically for you. Such dating platforms can be very time-consuming, especially if you have many conversations at the same time and still swiping manually. This can easily keep you busy for 3-4 hours a day. Therefore, it is recommended to make the swiping automated, so that you can concentrate on your matches.



2. Which profile pictures should i use?

Many people claim that the character is the only important thing. May be in real life (I do not find), but in Tinder / Lovoo / Bumble etc. aufjedenfall not. It is evaluated purely superficially, whether you want to write with the person at all or not. Of course there are exceptions, for example, by a funny biography, but that is not the rule.

The better your pictures are, the more matches you get on Tinder – that’s a fact. Therefore, it should be in your interest to show yourself from your best side. With good photos you can really get a lot out of it. It takes some time and energy but it is 100% worth it.

By the way, good pictures also include a good outfit. Pay attention to your type, a leather jacket, a shirt or jewelry has never hurt anyone! Clothes make the man, you don’t need overpriced branded clothes (Gucci, LV…). Sure you can impress with it, but you will also scare off some.


If you don’t know what exactly to do, get professional advice, go to a photographer, a stylist or ask your friends!

What are good Tinder profile pictures:

What are bad Tinder profile pictures:

3. Tinder biography ideas

The Tinder bio is the only way to share something about you and your character. Something funny is always good. This should make you stand out from your competition. Something you’ve seen 1000 times is too boring. Who finds the same joke funny 1000 times? Nobody!

Keep your bio short, you can tell something about yourself of course, but don’t tell your whole life. Save that for your next resume. Your Tinder bio should evoke positive emotions, problems or boring things just don’t belong in there!

It’s best to look for something that provides an easy conversation starter. Because it can also happen that, for example, the woman makes the first move.

My bio looked something like this. My first profile picture was a vacation photo where I was sitting in a buggy. The buggy had the rental company on it, so some people took the trouble to look for the company. The country was quite atypical so I knew for 99% sure if someone guessed the country that the person had typed the loan company into google. That was for me the first signal: “Ok you invest now already, apparently there is really interest”.

"If you guess in which country the photo was taken, the first drink is on me 😉"

Of course, this is an advantage to make a date directly after the first sentence. Even if the person was wrong, but I liked them, I simply said: “Right, does Friday or Saturday suit you better?😉”. That often worked, believe me.

I don’t recommend adopting Tinder Bios from Google. Because you’re not the only one who came up with the idea. Pretty much everyone is at a loss as to what to put in there. That’s why many resort to ready-made building blocks. Just think of something funny. Here are a few more or less funny examples.

"Looking for new tenant for the right half of my bed. Size 200x200 Equipment: own pillow / own blanket (common blanket negotiable). Viewing appointment by arrangement."

"Get your all-inclusive premium package now: comforter thief, chocolate monster and cold feet."

"Swipe left when you...""Swipe right when you..."

"Let me know if you want me to write first".

4. Do not use Super Likes

Think Tinder Superlikes doesn’t need much to be said. It costs money (not exactly little) and makes you look totally needy. A person doesn’t find you more attractive because of it. It’s just money making and has more of a negative effect than a positive one. I bought 250 Super Likes for testing and compared them with normal 250 Likes, my result was that the normal Likes were more effective. I know you can’t compare that directly, but it didn’t give you an advantage. Save the money rather for better photos, clothes on or Tinder Gold on, which shows really wirkung!

5. Get feedback

Not everyone has the same taste (Thankfully), but get feedback from your friends anyway. Maybe you overdid it with a few things or overlooked something.

Sometimes you get too attached to something, even though you know it’s not good, but you leave it in. Your friends will be honest with you and say that you look totally drunk in the picture and it really makes a funny impression or your bio sounds too out of touch.

6. Reset the Tinder algorithm

It is recommended to delete your account and create a new one after every expired Tinder premium subscription. This will reset the Tinder algorithm and give the women / men a second chance to like you.

It is important that you change your profile and not leave it 1:1 the same. Because if a person has already swiped you to the left last time, it might happen again with the same profile. Therefore decide at least for another picture (as first picture). Mostly only one picture is looked at.

Maybe some people have not intentionally swiped you to the left. Thus you give them the chance to take you again more closely under the magnifying glass. When I think about how often this has happened to me. Often you are just too lazy to press the undo button.

7. Conclusion:

In Tinder, the evaluation is purely superficial and you always sell yourself below your value. Therefore, you should look that you increase your value in which you are your profile, but especially your profile pictures very very good. If you have ideas of your own you can do a little photoshooting with a friend. I personally recommend to get a professional for it, with a decent SLR camera. Because he should know what looks good.

If your profile is really good, I can recommend Tinder Gold, Lovoo Premium or Bumble Premum, plus you can use our Auto Swiper to get the most out of your new profile. Your views and therefore your likes will explode. See for yourself!

What are your thoughts on online dating? Have you had any good experiences with it so far?


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admin · 8. October 2021 at 2:34


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