Auto-Swiper Features

What is a Tinder Auto Swiper?

Our Tinder Auto Swiper software that likes all your suggested profiles – and it's fully automated! Our Auto Swiper uses sophisticated algorithms, which makes it function like a real human. You should just prepare one or even more Tinder openers to send to your new matches.

Tired of manually swiping on Tinder? Our software will do it for you! Our Tinder Auto Liker is designed to save you a lot of time. It's time to skyrocket the number of views on your Tinder profile! The number of Tinder Likes and matches you get will go through the roof thanks to our Auto-Swiper. Now you can focus on turning your new matches into dates!

Our Tinder Bot also includes a Bumble Auto Swiper and a Lovoo Auto Swiper. Why should you limit yourself to one dating app when you can also find your future partner in Lovoo or Bumble. If you combine our Tinder Auto Swiper with a well-maintained Tinder profile, you won't be able to escape match messages, we promise! Need tips for your Tinder profile? Check out our Tinder tips.

Try our Auto Swiper today! What do you have to lose? It's absolutely free!

Tinder Auto Swipe

It's time to improve your dating life and be 10 steps ahead of everyone else. Why spend all your time manually Swipen right when our Tinder Auto Swiper can do it all for you.

Bumble Auto Swipe

We all know that women set the tone on Bumble because they have to make the first move. Our Bumble Auto Swiper makes it more efficient because the number of profile visits simply skyrockets.

Lovoo Auto Swipe

Our Lovoo Auto Swiper has proven to be very effective. All the people you've auto-liked just show up again, putting you in the #1 Lovoo match position with everyone around you.

How to install our Chrome extension?

Install in 5 simple steps



Register on our website. Choose a package that suits you. The Weekly package includes a free trial period. Another advantage of this package is the short duration. You can cancel at any time with one click.


Install Chrome Extension

Using your Chrome browser, visit our Auto-Swiper in the Chrome store.


Open your dating platform

Open your favorite dating platform (e.g. ) in your Chrome browser and log in. The interface of our Auto-Swiper is displayed nut on, and So you must be on one of the mentioned sites.


Log in & Start

Now you just need to log in to our Auto Swiper. Just click on the "Settings" button on the far right. You will see a license field, there just enter the license the here you will find a license. If no license is displayed there, you probably have not selected a package yet.

Tips and tricks for your dating life

Our dating blog

On our blog you will find topics that will help you improve your dating life and teach you new tricks that others can only dream of. We write about dating apps and also about general questions such as: Where to meet women?


Opinions About our Auto-Swiper

Thanks to our Tinder, Bumble and Lovoo-Autoswipers, many happy relationships have been made. We are always thrilled when we hear that a small flame that started on an app has turned into a massive inferno.

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Frequently asked questions about our Auto-Swiper

Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions we receive. We will constantly update this section.

Yes, all of our users could increase the number of visitors and matches. How much more Likes you get depends on you and your profile. With good pictures you will notice an extreme increase in Likes & matches!
It may be that Tinder, Bumble, Lovoo have just released updates. Just contact ims in WhatsApp (+49 4984033419876). If the problem has been reported to us, we will fix it the same day!
You need to download & install the "Kiwi Browser" from the Play Store. This browser allows you to add chrome extensions and makes it possible to install our Auto-Swiper. If you need further help with the installation of our chrome extension, feel free to follow our guide how to Chrome extension installed on Android .
Yes, you can cancel the subscription at any time. There is no minimum term or anything like that!