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Are you an expert on dating and relationships? We are always looking for guest authors for our dating blog! As a guest author, you will have the opportunity to share your expertise and experience with our readership, stimulating lively discussion.


As a guest author, you benefit from greater visibility and reach for your own blog or website. You can establish yourself as an authority and build relationships with other bloggers and experts. You also get a link to your website, which can help you generate more traffic.


If you are interested in writing as a guest author on our blog, please send us an idea for your post, as well as an outline that reflects the main arguments of your post. Please note that direct advertising and mentions of brands are not allowed.

Guest Post Contribution Guidelines

You would like to write articles for our dating blog? Please contact us directly via email or Whatsapp, so we can talk about the details together. Not every post will be uploaded, after all we want to keep our blog clean from spam or low quality content.

Why should I write you a guest post?

You can generate traffic & authority for your own page. The better the article, the more attention and clicks the linked page in the article gets. Here is a small excerpt of the traffics from the last 28 days:

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